VE Day 75th Anniversary

12th May 2020

As our county celebrates on VE Day our local and national role in the defeat of Nazi tyranny, it is a moment to remember all those of a generation who gave so much to defend our precious liberty, democracy and common decency which is the hallmark of our national way of life. 

It is both a huge sadness and somehow also all the more poignant that because of the Covid pandemic we cannot enjoy the celebration with the wave of street parties and freedom festivals we had hoped for. Instead on this 75th anniversary, the entire world stands united against a common enemy, and across our county, our communities are locked down. 

It is also somehow particularly poignant that our many & much-respected veterans - embodied so magnificently by the wonderful Captain Tom - are not able to enjoy the freedoms that they have given so much to secure - for the rest of us. 

Let us this VE Day weekend remember especially all our armed forces - both veteran and serving today, and all the ancillary and support services who gave so much to the national war effort: from the RFA to the Home Guard, the Land Girls to the ambulance drivers, the Bletchley heroes to the medical and other staff who gave so much.  

Just as the War required everyone to pull together in a national effort, so this Covid crisis too.  

Just as the War required huge sacrifices from people on the frontline and in the home and rearguard across the communities of this country, so this crisis too. Across our county and county, we have seen an extraordinary and inspiring coming together of neighbours, communities, different public services and Gov and private sector in a national effort to defeat today’s viral enemy. 

As we raise a glass to the heroes of the victory in Europe 75yrs ago, let us also raise a glass to the heroes of this crisis: the staff on the frontline of our health and care services, our local civil and civic emergency responders and community volunteers who have done so much to ensure that as few people as possible suffer. 

We may not be able to throng the streets this VE Day - but let’s salute and capture the same spirit of defiant unity and common endeavour in defence of the most precious asset of all: the knowledge that no one is alone, we are here for each other, and that the best human instincts will always prevail.  


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Love Local Campaign

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