Pet Theft Debate

2nd July 2018

As animal lover and having owned pets throughout my life, I know just how important they are to the family life of my constituents – and I always read with great sympathy cases where a beloved family pet has gone missing or has been stolen.

I was particularly saddened to hear of the case of Daisy, a Golden Labrador who was stolen from her home in Old Buckenham back in November 2017, and who is, unfortunately, one of many dogs which have gone missing in Norfolk.

That’s why, after being contacted by the owners of Daisy, as well as by a number of constituents concerned about this growing issue, I wanted to attend the Pet Theft Reform Debate on their behalf to show my support and put across my views.

To see my full comments and intervention in the debate, please see the video below:

To see my comments on this in Pet Gazette, please click here.

George Freeman speaking in a debate on pet theft



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