Offshore Wind Infrastructure

18th May 2020

Whilst I support offshore renewable wind energy and recognise the huge boost it will represent to our economy here in the Eastern region, it is vital that the cabling and connectivity infrastructure is properly planned: to maximise efficiency, reduce waste and cost, and to avoid unnecessary landscape, environmental and economic disruption across our county.

That’s why I am delighted to hear that the Secretary of State has decided to extend the examination period for the Norfolk Boreas Wind Farm development application – from May to, no longer than, 12th October 2020.

Given the current disruption created by the Coronavirus crisis, a whole host of parties (including fellow parliamentary colleagues and I) have been calling for this crucial examination period to be extended – to allow Registered Interested Parties (many of whom are diverting their full energy and attention towards the Norfolk Coronavirus response) additional time to properly engage with the later stages of the examination period. The Secretary of State has listened to those calls and acted accordingly. This is positive news.

Of course, the Norfolk Boreas application is just one part of a much wider problem – the lack of a proper overall strategy for the delivery of offshore wind infrastructure in the East. Together with my fellow parliamentary colleagues, I remain firmly committed to driving this campaign on – both locally and in Westminster.

I hope to have further news shortly.

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