Norwich Research Park

19th March 2021

Despite Covid-19, Norfolk and the Eastern region remains one of the most exciting areas of the UK in terms of science, technology and innovation.

That’s why I have long been one of the Norwich Research Park’s biggest advocates, supporting its various bids for investment and highlighting the great benefits it will have for our area. It will be at the forefront of the ‘Green Revolution’ and the source of incredible growth, prosperity and many of the jobs of tomorrow. Playing a key role in helping us all on the road to Net Zero, the NRP will transform the lives of us all for the better.

I was delighted therefore to meet with the Anglia Innovation Partnership (the Board that runs the NRP) today to catch up on their progress over the last year. Not only have they stepped up and played a big part in local testing in Norfolk, they have continued to make huge strides in science and innovation – which will help improve local farming and health.

I look forward to continuing the conversation with the NRP team to help ensure that the site goes from strength to strength and achieves its full potential – for the benefit of us all.

Anglia Innovation Partnership meeting