Necton – Substation

19th February 2021

Big news! A High Court judge has overturned the planning permission given to the Norfolk Vanguard Offshore Windfarm – which would have seen underground cabling from the North Norfolk coast to a new substation the size of Wembley Stadium at Necton.

While I am a major advocate for the Government’s ‘Green’ agenda and the drive for Offshore Wind Energy (which presents a massive opportunity for our region), it has become increasingly clear that the current approach to delivering this crucial infrastructure is not fit for purpose

For all of those of us that love and appreciate our beautiful landscape here in the East, it is clear that the chaotic “free for all” approach currently being taken cannot be allowed to continue. With proper debate and an overall strategic plan, we can ensure that the huge environmental and planning impacts currently being faced are significantly reduced – all the while delivering the much needed offshore renewable wind energy that our future economy and society will need.

We owe it to the generations who will come after us to get this right and leave our county as beautiful as we found it.

Rest assured I am firmly committed to continuing the fight for a proper strategic plan both locally and nationally.


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