Mirus Aircraft Seating

4th December 2018

Having worked in business for over fifteen years before becoming Mid Norfolk’s MP, and having previously served for two years as a Business Minister, I know just how important local businesses are to both our local and national economy.

That’s why I relish the chance to visit local businesses, whether big or small, and why I was delighted to visit Mirus Aircraft Seating in Hingham this past Friday.

Mirus is a highly innovative business which brings together technologies, expertise and best practices from the Formula 1, automotive and aerospace sectors to create high quality seating for aircraft. Founded in 2015 by Phil Hall and Ben McGuire, the company strives to develop and manufacture superior, high performance products within shorter timeframes, and with reduced costs but higher reliability.

It was a pleasure to meet their team on Friday, and I appreciated the opportunity to look around their state of the art facility, and to hear from them about the challenges they face/the opportunities they can grasp – both locally and nationally.

Mirus are further evidence that Mid Norfolk is home to thousands of exciting businesses with vast amounts of potential, and I remain firmly committed to working with them to provide the support they need to flourish.

I look forward to watching Mirus go from strength to strength in the years to come – and to learn more about them, please do visit their website here.

George Freeman visits Mirus Aircraft Seating in Hingham

George Freeman visits Mirus Aircraft Seating in Hingham

George Freeman visits Mirus Aircraft Seating in Hingham



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