Major win for Mid Norfolk: £300m investment in A47

For too long the A47 – the clogged east to west trade artery linking the Suffolk and Norfolk coast across Norfolk to the Midlands – has been a symptom of our part of the world being treated by Brussels and Whitehall as a “rural backwater”.
That’s why I am so delighted today to welcome the Prime Minister to Mid Norfolk as he unveils the Government’s landmark Road Investment Strategy, with a major £300m investment in the A47.
Ever since coming to Parliament as a newly-elected MP in 2010, and in the three years before that as a Candidate, I have been campaigning for major investment in our region’s infrastructure in roads, rail and broadband to capitalise on our opportunity to become a hub for innovation and enterprise. Since then, we have secured investment to dual the A11, held four major broadband summits and taken the Digital Divide Alliance to Whitehall, and now secured dualling for the A47, all part of investing in our area for the future. With dualling from Dereham to Norwich, we now have a chance to make Norfolk a hub of innovation with quick links to the Norwich Research Park, as well as helping make our roads safer for commuters.
Later today I will be convening a roundtable of local business leaders at the Norwich Research Park with the Prime Minister to discuss ways in which this major investment will unlock a new wave of growth in our local economy, helping make Norfolk a new hub of innovation with the 21stC infrastructure we need to attract jobs and opportunities to our region.
Our area is full of world-class businesses and opportunities – in engineering, science, energy, food and agriculture, wildlife, tourism, media and the arts. We have the chance to become one of the world-leading centres of research and innovation. As part of the group of Norfolk MPs working with the A47 Alliance, I know this has been a true team effort. Today’s announcement is an example of what can happen through working as a team and a major step on the journey towards seeing a true ‘Rural Renaissance’ in our region.



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