A low-carbon vision for Norfolk and Suffolk

29th March 2021

Our region, and particularly Norfolk, is ideally placed to play a frontline role in the ‘Green Revolution’ that the country is embracing on its road to Net Zero. But what does that ‘Revolution’ actually mean for the everyday people and businesses on the ground?

That question is exactly why I have been working with the New Anglia LEP and others to explore what can be done to deliver tangible ‘Greener, Cleaner’ benefits and projects on the frontline - to help us all evolve our lifestyles in a way that brings us prosperity, better health, greater happiness and fulfilment AND progresses our society to one that not only respects and protects our planet (and local environment), but also gives back and enhances it.

Through the Norfolk Way (a not-for-profit organisation I set up in 2007 to champion ‘Rural Renaissance’ in our part of the world) and the Norfolk Enterprise Festival (which I co-founded with local entrepreneurs back in 2018), I am making the case that we don’t just need massive infrastructure like the Sizewell C improvements, Freeport East and an integrated Offshore Wind Network (although all are crucial!). We also need much smaller, tangible projects and initiatives to connect them to local communities and entrepreneurs, and ensure that Net Zero is achievable for us all.

Rest assured, I am firmly committed to the road to Net Zero, and look forward to combining it with my work on post-Covid Regeneration.