17th June 2020

The lockdown has hit our local economy VERY hard, and many businesses have had to close for 3 months. 

No sector has been hit harder than hospitality and tourism (still Norfolk’s No 1 revenue generator and employer). 

That’s why it is vital that we help our tourism and hospitality sector back on its feet with a clear Plan and Timetable for reopening.  

Businesses need to clarity so that they can unfurlough/hire staff and plan for opening.

I think we should be looking at: 

  1. Removing the 2m rule and replacing it with a 1m rule
  2. Allowing all tourist and hospitality sites to reopen provided they can enforce 1m – with facemasks for staff and as much hospitality OUTSIDE as possible 

With close monitoring of the infection Rate so local public health officials can spot any localised spike and allow councils to move to impose local restrictions where necessary. 

If pubs and restaurants and venues know they could be shut down or restricted if there is a local spike in infections they are likely to be very careful to avoid that. 

Please be assured that I will continue to follow this very closely.