George Freeman re-adopted

9th May 2017

Mid Norfolk MP since 2010 George Freeman has been unanimously readopted as the Mid Norfolk Conservative Candidate for the Election.

Mr Freeman, appointed by Theresa May as Chair of her new Prime Minister's Policy Board when she took office, has been a key member of 'Team May' and helping to shape long term thinking on Conservative Policy.

Mr Freeman, re-elected in 2015 with a hugely increased vote despite losing

10,000 to UKIP,  has  set out 3 Core Pledges for his Campaign:

1. Housing & Planning: to continue his opposition to urban sprawl and inappropriate 'dumping' of commuter estates in Mid Norfolk without investment in infrastructure & facilities.

2. Better NHS & Community Care for the Elderly and those with Dementia and Mental illness.

3. A new approach to Skills For All: leading a project to get EVERYONE leaving school or college a Passport & Travel Voucher for Training.

In a new twist, Mr Freeman has announced that alongside knocking on 10,000 doors and holding his "Politics in the Pub" and "Kitchen Cabinet" events across the 115 Villages of Mid Norfolk,  he will also be running his "Digital Democracy" Campaign - using Social Media

(Facebook/Instagram/Website/Periscipe) to 'reach out to people beyond traditional politics', including a series of "Beyond the Campaign Trail"

in-depth analysis of key local issues - starting with Mental Illness and Planning.

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