George Freeman MP attends launch of Norfolk Rail Prospectus

For too long East Anglia has suffered the cost of insufficient investment in our rail infrastructure and has paid the price with delays, cancellations and maintenance work. But it is my belief that a modern infrastructure is an essential component of a coherent plan for sustainable economic growth, particularly in Norfolk. With this in mind, it seems impossible to imagine that the rail service connecting Norwich to Cambridge wasn't even running only a few years ago, which is why I was proud to be celebrating its 10 year anniversary on Tuesday. But I believe this line could be one of the most important train routes in the country – an 'Innovation Line' – linking two key centres of world class science in Cambridge and Norwich that have the potential to be the driving force behind the UK's trade route to economic recovery.

That is why I stood alongside other MPs from East Anglia in July as together we campaigned for a programme of improvement for our rail infrastructure by presenting an East Anglia Rail Prospectus to Parliament. Now we are focussing on Norfolk and have drafted a blueprint of specific improvements that need to be made, which was unveiled today at the King's Centre in Norwich. The government has unlocked £20bn for infrastructure investment and I will be continuing my work to ensure that Norfolk gets its fair share and that it is targeted to the highest priority projects.

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The Norfolk Rail Prospectus is available to read in full here and you can find out more about the East Anglia Rail Prospectus here

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