George Freeman calls on the PM to work cross-party with MPs from strong Leave-voting constituencies to achieve a deal supported by a majority

21st January 2019

George Freeman welcomes the Government’s decision to waive the fee for EU citizens to continue living in the UK and calls on the Prime Minister to work cross-party with Back-Bench Labour MPs from strong Leave-voting constituencies to find a moderate, sensible and orderly Brexit to honour the referendum result.

May I welcome the Prime Minister’s statement, particularly her commitment to waive the fee required to be paid by European citizens and her commitment to reach out, cross-party, in pursuit of a Brexit deal? We have to honour that referendum. Does she agree with me that while the position of the Leader of the Opposition on Brexit is crystal clear—he is for leave up north and remain down south—many Back-Bench Labour colleagues who have very serious Brexit-voting constituencies are looking for a way to honour the referendum result with us? Will she support those talks in trying to find a moderate, sensible, orderly Brexit that can deliver for the majority of the British people?

I thank my hon. Friend for pointing out the inconsistencies in the position of the Leader of the Opposition on this particular issue. I am working to ensure that we can deliver and find such a way through that enables us to leave the European Union, to leave in a smooth and orderly way, to leave with a deal and to leave with a deal that is good for people across the whole of the United Kingdom.