Garden Village

22nd August 2018

It will come as no surprise that I have received many emails from concerned residents and landowners about the “proposed garden village” in the North Elmham, Billingford and Bintree area.

I am hugely disappointed and very surprised to hear that there have been no preliminary soundings taken by the proponents of the scheme with adjacent landowners and residents. (They had notified me that they were beginning to explore the feasibility of a garden village in the vicinity of the North Elmham railway line as part of an exciting partnership with the Mid Norfolk Railway to use the profits from the development to reopen a scheduled service from North Elmham to Wymondham, Cambridge and Norwich).

On this basis (and on this basis alone), I was interested in principle and open to seeing their plans. Since that initial conversation however, I have heard nothing more until this Proposal emerged a few weeks ago.

Having read through the proposals very carefully, I have liaised closely with local councillors Bill Borrett and Gordon Bambridge, among others, who are understandably very concerned at the potential impact on both traffic and the character of this quiet and beautiful corner of Mid Norfolk.

I have also spoken to Cllr William Nunn, Leader of Breckland Council, and we both agree that on the basis of what is being presented, as well as the lack of a serious plan to manage the major traffic implications especially, it is impossible to support this proposal.

That’s why, if the proposal continues to be pursued, I would welcome the opportunity to come and discuss the matter with those affected locally – and, if this is necessary, my office will be in touch with local councillors to arrange this in the Autumn.

In the meantime, if YOU have not yet been in touch with me to voice your views on the proposals, please do take the time to get in contact.



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