Fire Safety Bill

29th March 2021

The injustice faced by many leaseholders over cladding has caused untold misery and financial difficulties up and down the country. I completely sympathise and appreciate the terrible toll this has caused so many. That's why decisive action is precisely what is needed to end this cladding scandal and I have been working closely with Ministers to make sure the voices of all those who are affected by this in our area are heard loud and clear.

Unfortunately, the recent Opposition motion was flawed in its approach. It is unfair that the taxpayer should bear full responsibility for the historic failures of building safety when the building owners cannot pay.

That’s why I am pleased that Ministers have given strong and clear commitments that they are on this and will be bringing new legislation forward to ensure this scandal never happens again. I welcome the Government’s announcement of a further £3.5billion towards cladding remediation – taking the overall figure to over £5billion – as part of the overall approach to tackling this urgent issue for leaseholders.