9th August 2019

When we triggered Article 50 we knew what we were signing up to: 2 years to negotiate the terms of Withdrawal, followed by a withdrawal without a deal if no deal can be agreed.  

Three years after the EU referendum we still haven’t left, Parliament and Government is stuck, the country divided and the uncertainty and endless debate deepening the disillusionment. 

We have to break this deadlock and move on. 

Our job as elected politicians is to represent the people we serve.  My constituents voted 62% to leave.  

We can argue all we like about the lack of information in the 2016 campaign, but the people who are sovereign in a democracy cast their vote and gave us an instruction and I believe we have to honour it. 

We can’t go on arguing about it. We have to get on and do it - in a way that minimises the short term impact and maximises the long term benefits. 

That’s why I’m supporting Boris Johnson: because I believe he has the commitment and vision and leadership to respect the EU ref result and find a way to leave which the majority can accept. 

The Prime Minister and this Government is clear we are leaving the EU on Oct 31st, with or without a deal, as set out in Article 50. 

The PM has rightly & repeatedly set out his desire for a deal, and our willingness to negotiate with all energy, but if the Commission is unwilling to negotiate, then we will still leave on Oct 31st. I totally support this position. 

In a podcast on the state of politics for Huff Post today some of my remarks were taken out of context to suggest I dissent from the Government’s position.   I don’t. 

Here is my interview on Radio Norfolk making clear my commitment to ensuring we deliver Brexit and make clear we will not let the EU use a fear of No Deal to stop us leaving: 

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