41915 - Clinical Commissioning Groups (Answered)

Dr Sarah Wollaston
To ask the Secretary of State for Health, when clinical commissioning groups will be required to update their local transformation plans; and what plans he has for such plans to interact with sustainability and transformation plans.

George Freeman

Health economies have come together to develop Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) for their footprints until 2020/21. As with the current arrangements for planning and delivery, there are layers of plans which can sit below STPs, with shared links and dependencies. STPs do not replace the existing system architecture. Rather STPs act as an umbrella, holding underneath them a number of different specific plans to address key local issues.

Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have operational plans for 2016/17 in place. Operational plans for 2017/18 will reflect the contribution of the CCG to the overall STP. The timelines for the development of the 2017/18 operational plans are being finalised.

The March guidance stressed the importance of responding to 10 key priority areas which included mental health. Footprints are at different starting points, and so the degree of detail that has been provided in the 30 June STP checkpoint varies. However, final STPs will be expected to set out how Mandate priorities will be delivered, including the oversight of locally led transformation plans for children and young people’s mental health, before being agreed.