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George gets Secretary of State’s backing for Norfolk Science school and Norfolk Science day

28th February 2012

As part of an ongoing campaign to highlight the importance of science and innovation for Britain’s recovery, and Norfolk’s part in it, on Monday George supported the need for basic science in the curriculum and the importance of bringing students and industry together.

George used the example of the Isaac Newton free school to demonstrate the innovative thinking that will help to drive a passion for science in the UK. Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, was equally supportive.

George Freeman (Mid Norfolk) (Con): Given the importance of the UK science base to our innovation economy, does the Minister agree that we need to do all we can to support basic science learning in the curriculum and to inspire our young scientists through industry? Will he join me in welcoming the Sir Isaac Newton maths and science free school in Norfolk and my campaign for a Norfolk science day to bring industrial researchers together with our teachers?

Michael Gove: Yes, I have to say that Miss Rachel de Souza, the head teacher of the Ormiston Victory academy, who I understand is behind this initiative, is a visionary school leader. I absolutely agree that we need to do more to recognise how we can encourage mathematical and scientific learning among young people. The model of the 16-to-18 maths free schools, with which Ormiston Victory academy is engaging, is one of many ways of encouraging that helpful trend.

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