George Freeman MP calls for upgrade of rail infrastructure at Ely North junction

For too long the eastern region rail network has endured under-investment despite a growing demand for more capacity. I have often said that we will never build a 21st century economy on 19th century infrastructure. When I talk to entrepreneurs in Norfolk it is clear that job creation and their business development plans are being limited by the lack of rail services. That's why I have been pressing for improvements right across the region's rail network and one of the priorities must be upgrading the Ely North junction. I have recently met the Transport Secretary of State Justine Greening, to urge her to prioritise Ely in the next round of franchise agreements.

Improving the junction at Ely will allow trains to run more frequently between King's Lynn and London and between Norwich and Cambridge, bringing benefits to communities and commuters across Norfolk. I am working with MPs throughout the East Anglia region to present to Justine Greening a rail manifesto for the whole eastern network. My colleagues, Liz Truss MP and Matthew Hancock MP, have joined me in writing to Justine Greening to re-iterate the importance of upgrading Ely junction to unlock the full potential of our region's economic growth.

| Letter to Secretary of State for Transport

Photo: George Freeman MP and Elizabeth Truss MP call for upgrade of rail infrastructure at Ely North juncion

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Thursday 4th May 2017
How to register for a Postal Vote

As we approach the County Elections on Thursday 4th May 2017, many constituents are asking how they register for a postal vote.  The cut-off date to register is 13th April 2017.

If you live in Breckland
Please telephone 01362 656 870 or click here

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