George Freeman brings Watton and Wayland businesses together with support providers

All too often rural businesses don’t know where to turn for support and advice on navigating the choppy waters of the economic recession. The banking crisis has revealed that entrepreneurs feel they can’t trust their banks to give them honest help and advice and they easily conclude that there is no business support nearby. But keeping local businesses up and running is crucial to Norfolk’s economy and to our country’s recovery from the credit crunch. There are a wide range of organisations aiming to support businesses including the Local Enterprise Partnership, the Chamber of Commerce, County and District Councils and local business networks.

With the help of the Wayland Partnership’s Iain Cockburn, I am in the process of bringing businesses in the Wayland and Watton area together with support providers to share knowledge and make the help offered more accessible. We are planning to draw up a Watton and Wayland Enterprise Manifesto later in the year and create a more joined up landscape of support for local businesses and new entrepreneurs in rural Norfolk to achieve a more positive environment for new start-ups and growing enterprises.

County Council Elections

Thursday 4th May 2017
How to register for a Postal Vote

As we approach the County Elections on Thursday 4th May 2017, many constituents are asking how they register for a postal vote.  The cut-off date to register is 13th April 2017.

If you live in Breckland
Please telephone 01362 656 870 or click here

If you live in South Norfolk
Please telephone 01508 533701 or click here


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